I like art that arouses questions / Game project by Petra Pětiletá

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I am interested in public issues generally and how the sociological context in arts can be communicated to the viewers. I strongly prefer content over form. The media of my work varies greatly depending on the content of my message. The art is a means of communication for me, art gives me the chance to question things. It is important to me that the outcome is not just about the visuals. I need it to have the ability to force people to think.

The project for ScreenSaverGallery is quite scary. It is about violence – about its visual form – about threat – about gaming. There is a guy with rifle, photographed in front of the green screen during the Christmas photo shoot at school. He is captured completely away from reality, with a rifle above his head. Behind him I have placed various backgrounds such as Christmas, school, lovely place, war, family, LEGOLAND etc. Maybe it won’t hit anybody anymore, but screensavers used to be such nice and relaxing, mostly.  So it’s kind of oddity that strike backs scaring viewers a little, but it’s not any worse than six o’clock news.


Translated in cooperation with PAF—Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art, Olomouc


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