Yoshi Sodeoka /Carbonated Formulas #2/

The exhibition–-screen saver by multidisciplinary artists and musician from New York. Yoshi Sodeoka is mostly known for his unique conceptual video albums that range between psychedelia (on a visual level) and prog-rock (on an audio level), and the body of video works, commissioned music videos (e.g. Tame Impala, Wunder Wunder, Beck, The Presets and tohers), […]

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Szabolcs KissPál /Amorous Geography/

We live in strange times – which might be seen as a local European problem. There are two options for us at the moment: to agree or to disagree. (…and this is not a shakespearean romantic issue this time). The language of politics argues this way, but we know unconsciously that there is another way […]

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ETERNITY ESCAPE OBSESSION is an artwork prepared specifically for the ScreenSaverGallery by Czech artist Anita Somrová (in collaboration with Jiří Topinka). Somrová’s works are usually very impressive. One of the reasons for this may be that she openly works in purely visual way with kitsch, pop-culture cliches and internet aesthetics. We can also notice some kind of very specific […]

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Sara Ludy /Dream House/

ScreenSaverGallery presents Dream House by American artist Sara Ludy.

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Sebastian Schmieg /Parallel Universes/

http://sebastianschmieg.com The 1999 Movie “Office Space” remade into two versions: one that does not contain any of the original dialogs, released as a screensaver through ScreenSaverGallery, and its counterpart in which everything in-between dialogs has been edited out, distributed through file sharing as an optimized version of the movie.

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Timeline | Desktop Screenshot Collections 1997 – today | compiled by Sakrowski

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Desktop Screenshot Collections 1997 – today | compiled by Sakrowski (curatingyoutube.net)

The desktop is considered as one of the earliest metaphors for Graphical User Interfaces of personal computers. It has become an icon of graphical operating systems and their surfaces.

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Max Capacity /Kinetics of Image/

Max Capacity suffers from a severe but well documented case of data-addiction, as well as a fetish for obsolete media and electronics. He currently lives and works on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, California, planning super-villain style revenge on the world. http://maxcapacity.tumblr.com The Kinetics of Image exhibition has been chosen in cooperation with PAF – Festival […]

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Jan Robert Leegte /Random Selection in Random Image as a Screensaver/

Dutch based digital artist Jan Robert Leegte is an Internet based conceptual sculptor. At ScreenSaverGallery he will present Random Selection in Random Image as a Screensaver. Contextualized within the medium of the screensaver this (originally net based) work starts imposing it randomness at you. The work becomes an open channel to the endless net. The […]

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Jodi /tatatataa.cn/

%Location | http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org Jodi (art collective) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia _______________________________ speaks File%Desktop commands with the real voice of the voice actor from DukeNukem  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_Nukem_%28character%29

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