Jacob Broms Engblom /Sticks And Stones/

Jacob Broms Engblom (*1986) is Swedish digital artist who graduated in Communication and Media Studies from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Since 2009, he has been part of the net art creative duo buildinging with Californian technologist, web developer and software engineer Mitch Trale. They run together e.g. a gallery of contemporary art in computer screensavers Idle Screenings (2012–2015).

His independent work includes simple web-based works, in which the conceptual charge is more important than the aesthetic grasp. His works thematise the medium of the Internet and accelerate its limits, and are charged with a distinctive sense of humor. Recently, Engblom has been intensively involved in artificial intelligence as creative artistic practice (eg. GANField, Brain Nursery Egg TV).

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