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Tomáš Javůrek talks on ScreenSaverGallery and Max Capacity exhibition which took place during 12th PAF – Festival of Film Animation and contemporary art, Olomouc, Czech Republic (5.-8. 12. 2013). News on TV R1MORAVA, in Czech language. ————— Tomáš Javůrek hovoří ve zpravodajství R1MORAVA o ScreenSaverGallery a výstavě Max Capacity jež proběhla v rámci Přehlídky animovaného filmu v Olomouci (5.-8. prosince 2013) […]

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Max Capacity /Kinetics of Image/

Max Capacity suffers from a severe but well documented case of data-addiction, as well as a fetish for obsolete media and electronics. He currently lives and works on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, California, planning super-villain style revenge on the world. The Kinetics of Image exhibition has been chosen in cooperation with PAF – Festival […]

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Jan Robert Leegte /Random Selection in Random Image as a Screensaver/

Dutch based digital artist Jan Robert Leegte is an Internet based conceptual sculptor. At ScreenSaverGallery he will present Random Selection in Random Image as a Screensaver. Contextualized within the medium of the screensaver this (originally net based) work starts imposing it randomness at you. The work becomes an open channel to the endless net. The […]

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Jodi /

%Location | Jodi (art collective) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia _______________________________ speaks File%Desktop commands with the real voice of the voice actor from DukeNukem

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Screen Saver Gallery talk at UNTR, Brno (CZE)

Tuesday 29th of October 2013, Screen Saver Gallery will be introduced in Brno within the ECHO cycle organized by UNTR, the local cultural base. The presentation of Screen Saver Gallery will be done in collaboration with PAF – Festival of Film Animation and modern art, where Screen Saver Gallery will also be presented this December. At UNTR […]

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František Pavúček /Castle/

František Pavúček works and lives in Lednice na Moravě and Brno (Czech Rep.) where he currently studies Performance department (prof. Tomáš Ruller) at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno University of Technology. He developed his own art form – something what maybe had a beginning between performance and its record, the performance for a camera. We […]

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Anthony Antonellis /Blue Brightness/

Anthony Antonellis is American visual artist who lives and works on the Internet.   Although he is most famous for his works on-line, traditional art objects and exhibition practices are clearly of his interest. Antonellis with gusto explores the interplay between net art and IRL (‘in real life’), the boundaries of the virtual digitallness and analogue […]

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ScreenSaverGallery is not TV!

Across an artistic practice we can meet art pieces that somehow act or remind (visually or conceptually) screen savers. At the same time we have such art, which is not thought to be showed at the common galleries, it has to be modified into some type of references or records. And of course, there is […]

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Sakrowski /Interiors/

Robert Sakrowski lives and works in Berlin. He is an art historian, freelance curator and artist. He focused on exhibitions and lectures about Net art form and worked freelance at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research within the ‘Netpioneers’ research project. He works under the moniker since 2007, exploring new web phenomena and developing a […]

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