Magdaléna Kašparová/

  Artist Magdaléna Kašparová, a graduate of the Prague AVU (Tomáš Svoboda studio), lives and works in Prague. In her work, she includes several areas, but the  work that resonates with me the most deals with the timeless theme of the contradictions and fluidity of time flow, as it relates to digital technologies. She works […]

& / Darkside Moonwolker

Dark web content as a screensaver. Because of tidal locking, a common, Earth-bound observer sees every night one and the same side of the Moon. The internet too is accessed by most of us from the verified, safe, humane side. It is the side that is censored, regulated, that follows laws and bends to economic […]

Polina Davydenko / Public Tinnitus

  In the video essay Public Tinnitus (2020), the artist Polina Davydenko returns to her hometown of Dobropolje, which lies in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. She tries to gently grasp what is imperceptible in a place where you live your daily life at the moment when it seems so obvious. No wonder the focus […]

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