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(5) Braincandy <1 One Swallow 1> screensaver is now open to contribute anonymously one-second videos (mp4):


A second is not too little. It can be as eloquent as the blink of an eye, as attractive as a flap of wings and it can contain a whole life. A onesecond video is like an animal which is born and suddenly dies. However, thanks to optical perception persistence, it continues to live on our retina, and thanks to our attention it resonates in human memory and dominates our thoughts. The exhibition, which takes place worldwide through the virtual ScreenSaverGallery and is also being presented in physical space, will gradually contain the outputs of the Friday workshop One-Second Videos: One Swallow. In cooperation with Kurzor kolektiv, PAF  and ScreenSaverGallery.



One-Second Videos: One Swallow

The Internet-based Kurzor kolektiv (Kristýna Lutzová, Kateřina Cepáková and others) started organizing exhibitions called Braincandy in 2015. Now, they are following up their famous concept of one-second videos and they have announced their first open call for Braincandy: One Swallow project – at the Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art 2016. Aristotle himself demonstrably appreciated the metaphor “one swallow does not make a summer. He knew that one kiss does not always mean love and that the first success is not going to last forever. The swallow travelled to us over an abyss of time from the story of a wealthy young man whose father had died. The son lived life to the full and eventually spent all his fortune. The only things he had left were some light clothes and a coat. That was when he saw a swallow joyfully crisscrossing the sky in celebration of the coming spring. The young reveller interpreted the swallow in the sky as a clear sign of spring so decided to sell his coat. However, winter came back and remained for some time, and the young man accused the poor swallow of his own irresponsibility. The lecture-presentation will show the activities of the (post)internet art collective. The audience will find out about the concept and genealogy of one-second videos as well as their presentation history in the gallery of Kurzor kolektiv. All the knowledge gained is necessary for the creative workshop”, which involves making animalthemed one-second videos. On the same day, the workshop output will be integrated into the exhibition of one-second videos (5) Braincandy <1 One Swallow 1>, which will already be in progress in the virtual ScreenSaverGallery. Thus, the workshop output will be streamed to the whole world. However, the exhibition also has its four-day presentation in the physical space of Konvikt. Here, visitors may assess the display of one-second videos curated by Kurzor kolektiv and also show their own one-second videos. One Swallow does not make a summer.


Something sweet for your brain.

Brain candy pleasantly stimulates your mind, but doesn’t encourage serious thinking. It catches your eye and it tastes great, you won’t wanna let go. Brain candy is like a drug. You’ll be coming back for another delicious sprinkled bite. Lightened up notification, read, sent. Answering the phone, opening a message. Clicking through pages, scrolling, seeking. All these activities rewards your brain with endogenous opiates, encourages creation of the stress hormone cortisone and adrenaline. They can create a mental fog in your mind and fleeting thoughts. Kittens and puppies.

no wonder it feels so good ……..

Kristýna Lutzová
Kateřina Cepáková
Cathleen Owens
Markéta Donátová
Tomáš Kořínek
Jakub Matei
Eva Pacalová a Josef Málek
Martina Nosková
Andrea Mikysková
© merry
Dafna Ganani
Virginia De
Miroslav Ketman
Michaela Kuříková
Tomoko Kumagai


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