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Studio without Master (Ateliér bez vedoucího or ABV) is a student initiative that investigates and applies alternative methods of artistic education across universities with an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation. The aim is to create a space in which students and graduates of various disciplines and establishments can meet and share their knowledge, and discover and problematise possible methods of its reception and production. ABV represents an alternative to the established model of artistic education (which centralises decision-making and authority in the figure of the studio head), and places an emphasis on consensual decision making and non-hierarchical structures.


What can we do?

November 6, 2017, the initiative Studio without Master in cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts in Prague organized a conference on art education Co můžeme dělat? (What can we do?), containing series of lectures and performative outputs on the topic of art education. From a variety of perspectives, artists, theorists and activists discussed the moment of recognition of inequality and tried to come up with plausible reactions. The main question was: what exactly can be done?

“Academy of Fine Arts in Prague is a strictly selective educational institution acknowledging its historical heritage and prestige. Its exclusivity is being maintained also through constantly low numbers of candidates accepted. Only those, who show the talent for multidisciplinary artistic practice are offered places on the Academy.” (from the press release to 215th anniversary of AVU)

Talent, which is the main criteria for admission into an artistic academy is presented as a universal, inborn value, which is also inherent to anyone regarding physical, ethnical, social or other limitations they might be facing. However, are we sure that we are members of Academy because of our talent and diligence? To what extent is openness to diversity a real issue in academic environment?


The walls of art schools are covered with pictures and statues of triumph and heroism. However, these seemingly heroical narratives inherently carry also an experience of those, who have lost or were omitted. Who else can be found inside, on the border or outside the narrative? We believe that the notion of artistic work is being depleted through the narrative of success prioritized by the educational institutions.

Acknowledging the problem of structural setting of institutions of artistic education is a vital step towards possible changes. Conference What can we do? organized by the Studio without Master, which is an initiative born within the environment of artistic higher educational institutions, is trying to find possibilities of common action, which would counteract the current situation in educational institutions. The individual talks range from theoretical lecture to sociological analysis or critical investigation into the organizational principles of collectives.

As part of Unleashing Screensaver exhibition, we present the subtitled contribution by the collective Studio without Master themselves.

The larger part of this annotation is taken from: http://artycok.tv/en/40310/co-muzeme-delat, where you can watch all the conference talks as well as discussion following the Studio without Master’s contribution.

Part of Unleashing Screensaver & Unleashing exhibitions
Apr 1 – May 31, 2018
concept & coordination: (c) merry
supported by PAF & Teachers College, Columbia University


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