Unleashing Screensaver: April 4th

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We breathe (with) animation… breathe with us In the core of our studio there is a story, a story told by heroes. The creation of each animated story teaches us patience, and forces us to find new ways to embody our ideas and thoughts in an adequate form. We realize that every detail in animation can convey a lot without words, and we try to lead the students from our studio towards the most effective results. Animation is a game full of imagination, which should engage not only its audience, but its author and artists as well. It is, however, necessary that the students work to the basic principles of film production. Even imagination needs guidelines, on which ideas can be built and life breathed into its stories. Tomas Bata University FMC Department of Animation.


Anijam project

The main aim of the Anijam project is to connect the current and the graduates students from the Department of Animation to create one piece of the experimental movie together. At the start we had just the sound loops which we shared to all of the Animators. So the sound became the background and a very important connection how we could merge all the footage into one. From that moment we were just waiting for their creative answers. And here is what we’ve got. Almost thirty students and the graduates ones became a part of this jam session which simply demonstrate our passion about Animation. Please enjoy watching!




In the spirit of supporting students of our studio in finding and refining their own artistic path, we don’t strive for defining a preferred poetic style of visual expression, or for creation of a “look” based on our leading figure or the original creator. Our program is not solely based on, let’s say, emphasis on realism, working with light or expressivity, geometry, abstraction or the painter’s expression, monochromaticity or aestheticization or effectivity in respect to mainstream productions. 

Our students find themselves and shape themselves based on the personalities that resonate within them and based on their own experience. We only try to find their weaknesses and strengths and give support where needed. We give them impulses to broaden their horizons, for example by analyzing movies and visual or literary works from different visual or contextual points of view.

Despite this, in my opinion, broader and truly fitting description of our approach, if I still had to call something an aesthetical “connection”, there are a few things I could mention. 
Animation is an image in movement. What holds the spectator’s attention is the silhouette of what is moving. The main attention should thus be given to the clear presentation of the silhouette. The morphology which is used should communicate with the audience as much as possible, mainly through a recognizable silhouette.

Everything we see in the picture is relevant and plays a significant role in the story. Stylized picture doesn’t carry too many redundant details, thus the importance of carefully building its mise-en-scène. To master realistic drawing means to have a good baseline and the ability to later draw anything unrealistic, from a stylized pose to any of the author’s visions. It is, thus, important to practice drawing.

Coarseness, realness, humbleness, talent for observation, sensitivity, connection with materials, love for detail, generosity of form, storytelling, ability of abstraction, and visual shortcuts – those are some of the qualities we value.
However, this is not our official stance, it is rather a few quick observations that I spat out in a hurry. I am afraid our approach cannot be summarized. Movies created in our studio are colorful, bouncy, fleecy, soft, square and sharp, hard and prickly, gray, black, bright, ardent, happy, melancholic, meditative, sad, shallow, genuine, lived out, grotesque, funny, dreamy, dynamic, sluggish, sparkly, lively…

Some made in 3D, some digital, some created with classical techniques. Some without mistakes, some with them, some daring, some traditional. They are ours, but I cannot find one common aesthetic denominator in them. We are the aesthetic amebae.

Martin Kukal


Part of Unleashing Screensaver & Unleashing exhibitions
Apr 1 – May 31, 2018
concept & coordination: (c) merry
supported by PAF & Teachers College, Columbia University




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