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ETERNITY ESCAPE OBSESSION is an artwork prepared specifically for the ScreenSaverGallery by Czech artist Anita Somrová (in collaboration with Jiří Topinka).

Somrová’s works are usually very impressive. One of the reasons for this may be that she openly works in purely visual way with kitsch, pop-culture cliches and internet aesthetics. We can also notice some kind of very specific story within her artworks. In narratives built in the soap-opera-like manner, familiar characters are, mostly out of boredom, changing the nature of their relationships. But every change pushes the story in some respect forward.

In Eternity Escape Obsession, Anita Somrová creates in collaboration with Jiří Topinka a raw epic story that can be understood as the visual and sensational distillation of the pop-culture and internet commodity which are constantly influencing and changing our state of mind (that is supposed to be a product of internet and pop culture in the first place) but are themselves continuously evolving. This work by Anita Somrová and Jiří Topinka offers strong visual and sensual experience of what is nowadays changing in our emotional responds and what remains the same.

Anita graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology, where she studied in Martin Zet’s Studio of Video. She has worked with video performance, video, performance, installations and online-works.

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