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The newest show at ScreenSaverGallery encourages you to experience the sounds generated by Suchánek’s software. The software has been created for sonification of atomic data for the purposes of electroacoustic music.


Atom Tone is an experimental project exploring sonification of atomic data and it is the result of long-term research exercised by Jiří Suchánek in the area of sonification. The project attempts to convert the chemical and physical logic into the musical one, since the base material for the formation of all the sounds are atomic spectral lines recalculated into sound frequencies. The core of sonification/audification algorithm is the idea that each spectral line controls one oscillator – the color wavelength defines the frequency of sine wave oscillator. Each element thus generates a unique sound spectrum, which is further freely transformed and modulated by numbers of the Mendeleev Periodic Table of Elements.

The newest show at ScreenSaverGallery encourages you to experience the sounds created with Suchánek’s software. The pre-generated tones based on each element of the periodic table will be played randomly. Each element consists from one up three micro-compositions, which subjectively interprets the datasets – frequencies of visible or invisible atomic spectral lines and data from periodic table of elements.
You can also play the sounds from the selected elements by yourself, just follow the link or load the QR code in the corner of your screensaver. You will see a periodic table of elements and as soon as you press one, the selected tone will play within your screensaver. This P2P way you can play your own music from the sounds of the elements.

Jiří Suchánek works in the field of experimental music and contemporary audiovisual art. In this area he is engaged in artistic, research, educational and organizational activities. His projects often combine elements of nature, electronic devices, audio parts and programmed interactivity. As a result, a new experience environment arises. Suchánek works at FaVU Brno University of Technology and now he is Ph.D. candidate at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic.

The significance of his work goes beyond the borders of the Czech Republic; Suchánek was awarded for his music performance based on sonification software Atom Tone at klingt gut! symposium on sound at HAW Hamburg, 2018.

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Jiří Suchánek, Atom Tone, December 30, 2019–March 9, 2020. Using your smartphone and the Mendeleev Periodic Table, you could hear sonification of atomic data of your chosen element. Otherwise the screensaver plays at random. Photo (c) Barbora Trnková.
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