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During lockdown and COVID-19 quarantine we have spent an unusually long time at home. By struggling outside the usual bounds of our everyday lives, we perceive our relationships, habits and daily rituals in a new light. Ordinary life feels absurd and surreal once again.

ScreenSaverGallery presents artistic content in the environment of users’ households. And the reflection of mutual coexistence the so-called ordinary everyday life, is the inspiration behind  the work KON.DOM (Conceptual Household) by Brno based artistic duo Klarisa Kleinerová and Jan Kratochvíla.

Klarisa loves Beaver, and together they are the
KON.DOM (Conceptual Household). They create various conceptual-based performances in public space and video performances. 

Klára Kleinerová graduated from Performance Studio (led by Tomáš Ruller) at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno University of Technology, where she proved herself to be shy and disgusting video performer at the same time.

She has met her partner Jan Kratochvíla while on an internship at Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem in The Studio of Performance (led by Jiří Kovanda), where Jan was just finishing his bachelor’s degree. Jan is very versatile artist who paints abstract paintings and composes electronic music. A large part of their work as a creative couple falls into the loose category of  “Ordinary Life with Fine Art”.

ScreenSaverGallery is financially supported by the statutory city of Brno.

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