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Artist Magdaléna Kašparová, a graduate of the Prague AVU (Tomáš Svoboda studio), lives and works in Prague. In her work, she includes several areas, but the  work that resonates with me the most deals with the timeless theme of the contradictions and fluidity of time flow, as it relates to digital technologies. She works with them in two modes. On the one hand, it is an archaeological investigation of one’s own life. For example, the artworks Personal Archeology, Personal Archeology II and Storytime, where necessarily imperfect digital records, a kind of haptic nodes, take us back on the time axis, to the past, where we suspect that key memories from Magdaléna’s life are circling like moths around a source of light.

On the other hand, what we see in her Ambient series (presented here, in ScreenSaverGallery) is an exploration of time taking place in the shortest possible time period and this time completely without a personal point of view. The work called is a website that generates color according to specific seconds of the calendar year. Since there are 31 million seconds in a year and 16.7 million colors in the RGB spectrum, a color changes every 1.88 seconds on her website. And even if the value is mathematically the same color on every device on which the website is opened, the result cannot be the same due to technological variations and different calibrations of the screens. Kašparová composed the colors in the spectrum for the purpose of a one-dimensional space by arranging them according to the Hilbert curve, so the color change is almost imperceptible.


Both positions lead us to revise the experience of personal experience of time, but each time differently. While in the first case we recall our own memories through Magdaléna Kašparová’s personal records, through the work from the Ambient cycle we get to our own personal perception of time through maximally depersonalized mathematical and physical means.


Time should have measurable and objective qualities. In this form, it should serve us for orientation, navigation and instrumentalization of our life. However, from a subjective point of view, it is much more complicated. On its erratic flow are backwaters with treacherous swamps, rapid waterfalls and water eddies. We experience the constant tension of scheduling an unspecified amount of time in a world that assumes that time always flows the same way for everyone (the only exception being perhaps the time zones).


Kašparová’s work can be seen in the line of artworks thematizing one’s own intimate past in connection with archaeological procedures using contemporary and recent digital technologies, as for example in the case of the Greek artist Erica Scourti, but several other netartists who, for example, made their digital footprint available in the form of an artistic gesture (Life Sharing, Eva and Franco Mattes:

However, we can also include the website next to websites working with color gradients by Rafael Rosendal, Krist Wood, or Zdenek Svejkovsky (The Palette of Colous).


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