Unleashing Screensaver: April 7th

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Filip Johánek teaches ´Audiocultures Methodologies´ at the  Theory of Interactive Media, Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts. He graduated in Musicology, Sociology, Media Studies and Journalism and the Theory of Interactive Media at Masaryk University. He works as a sound engineer and he is sound artist (member of sound art group Skupina) too. He tries to mediate his hands on experience, collaborative and participatory approach to creativity to his students. His main aim is to introduce students to different artistic and technical approaches to sound with focus to its echoes in society.


PF: Phonography of the Faculty
Ten-minutes cut of one hour long soundtrack that captures sounds of Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University using the field recordings method. The recording and processing of sounds, rumours and the overall atmosphere of the faculty were carried out by students of the course Audiocultures Methodologies under the guidance of Filip Johánek. The aim was to record the school soundscape, in which students, teachers and school staff meet every day. The main aim is to allow listeners (students, scholars, alumni) to experience the school atmosphere via the immersive medium of sounds wherever they are, at home, on holidays, at work. The one hour long soundtrack will be part of the web site of the Faculty of Arts soon.


Working with the students. White board: thoughts and topic for the project


Part of Unleashing Screensaver & Unleashing exhibitions
Apr 1 – May 31, 2018
concept & coordination: (c) merry
supported by PAF & Teachers College, Columbia University



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