Unleashing Screensaver: Apr 22nd

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The studio ‘Video-multimedia-performance’ lead by Jiří Surůvka is part of the Intermedia department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Ostrava. In Czech Republic, there are two types of art education: at universities and at art academies. Even though we are the first type (university), the training in main subject is very close to the approach typical for art academies. Form and number of the rest of courses however follow the university type of education. The main subject takes circa 50 % of students’ curriculum. The rest of the curriculum consists of professional courses and workshops led by number of external educators in addition to the principal tutor (the master of the studio). Considerable part also take lectures on art history and introducing the students into the context of contemporary art by the means of excursions and self-study of literature.

The aim is to acquaint students with the content of study of Video-multimedia-performance studio. Chronology of studio lessons and exercises binds to discussed discipline in every semester (from drawing and painting, object and installation, performance and video art). Another aim of our courses is to explain the students the importance of their personal art activities outside the curriculum as their consultations with pedagogues alongside the school projects.


Jan Výtiska: Redneck land

Jan Výtiska (born 1985) is graduate of Video-multimedia-performance studio. Redneck land is looped animation made during his studies here. Výtiska belongs to relatively big group of artists, that are not afraid to show cruelty and disasters of the world around us. His work is based on folkloric verbs, bore horror films, and folklore deformed religiosity. He is remarkable narrator; in his works,  reminiscent of Henry Darger’s cartoon novel, the classic of art brut, he tells scary stories with strong imagination. Výtiska’s works are an excursion to rural environment inhabited by disfigured people, mutants and evil, naughty kids. Výtiska presents hell waiting for ideal conditions to germinate from its seeds that are hidden inside every human soul.



Redneck land from Jan Vytiska on Vimeo.

Part of Unleashing Screensaver & Unleashing exhibitions
Apr 1 – May 31, 2018
concept & coordination: (c) merry
supported by PAF & Teachers College, Columbia University



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