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We live in strange times – which might be seen as a local European problem. There are two options for us at the moment: to agree or to disagree. (…and this is not a shakespearean romantic issue this time). The language of politics argues this way, but we know unconsciously that there is another way too. To say “Oh no”! To say, that we are really sorry to see this recurrent screenplay. The question is: how to express this point of view…

Szabolcs KissPál (1967) brings us a method, on how can we share our “data”. How can we share and translate our local, national history, politics and images. The interpretation becomes a tool in his hands and we can, as a screensaver user, see the magic of displacement of the mountains.

Amorous Geography is a part of the docu-fiction series From fake mountains to faith (Hungarian Trilogy). This project aims to analyze, describe and translate internationally the anatomy of the actual political and cultural philosophy, which stands as an ideological basis for the authoritarian ‘illiberal’ Hungarian state policy.

It is composed of three docu-fiction videos (Amorous Geography, The Rise of the Fallen Feather, The middle of the world), which establish interconnections in a larger historical and cultural framework between the three major elements of the above mentioned philosophy: the symbolism of ‘ethnic landscape’ and geography, the romantic historiography of national myths of origins, and the ‘turanism’ as a reemerging form of political religion.

The final project is in the process of being realised with the help of the Grant for Media Art of the Foundation of Lower Saxony at the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media and will be shown in August 2016.

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