Screen Saver Gallery talk at UNTR, Brno (CZE)

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Tuesday 29th of October 2013, Screen Saver Gallery will be introduced in Brno within the ECHO cycle organized by UNTR, the local cultural base.

The presentation of Screen Saver Gallery will be done in collaboration with PAF – Festival of Film Animation and modern art, where Screen Saver Gallery will also be presented this December. At UNTR will speak Tomáš Javůrek (SSG) and Mary Meixner (curator at PAF and SSG) who will also screen a block of her latest Glitch Art videos.


Screen Saver Gallery

Screen Saver Gallery project, the gallery of contemporary digital art in screen savers, will be introduced by the Czech artist and pedagogue Tomáš Javůrek.

The unique exhibition concept has been developed since the March of 2013 and it has so four encouraged four contemporary artists. How is it to run this non-standard gallery? What is its ideological background? How did the works of art presented in this space look like? And what is going to happen next?


Perfectly Lost, Perfectly Found

The presentation and follow-up projection of digital videos from “Perfectly Lost” and “Perfectly Found” cycle by (c) merry.

The selection includes the cycle of digital videos proceeding from the crucial works of experimental film and Czech avant-garde reinterpreted by means of the power of mistake, coincidence and a creative genius of medium. Conceptually the works belong to guerilla curating.

mama und papa




Tuesday 29 October 2013

from 8 pm to 10 pm

UNTR, Gorkého 12, Brno

guest: Tomáš Javůrek, (c) merry (Mary Meixner)




Tuesday 29th of October 2013 we talked on Screen Saver Gallery at UNTR, Brno, Czech Republic.

The videos are unfortunately in Czech.

Part one

Part two


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