General Terms & Conditions

Version in force as of 11th September 2019

By downloading and installing any version of the software application called “ScreenSaverGallery” (hereinafter the “App”) you acknowledge and agree that the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. All rights to the App and all its parts are reserved to Barbora Trnková, born on 2. 11. 1984, residing at Podnásepní 380/12, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic, and Tomáš Javůrek, born on 28. 8. 1983, residing at Podnásepní 380/12, 602 00 Brno, Czech republic (hereinafter together as the “Curators”).
  2. You are allowed by the Curators to download and install the App to any of your electronical devices (personal computers, tablets, mobile phones etc.) and to use the App, including the Work, for non-commercial private purposes. This license is granted to you free of charge.
  3. You are not allowed to use the App in any other way than specified in paragraph 2 – for instance publicly or commercially – and if you do so, you are obliged to compensate for any damage or loss suffered by the Curators or any third party for this reason. You are not allowed to make any modifications to the App, in particular to its source code. You are not allowed to further distribute the App or any of its content. You are not allowed to remove information from the App concerning the Curators or any authors whose works are integrated to the App. 
  4. You use the App and its content on your own risk and the Curators are not liable for any material, moral or psychological damage or loss suffered by you or any third persons in connection with using the App. In particular, you acknowledge that some artistic works that are part of the App can contain violent, erotic, politically/morally/culturally or otherwise incorrect, explicit, graphic, shocking, disturbing and similar elements. The Curators are also not liable for any damage incurred on your software or hardware equipment in connection with downloading, installing or using the App, for instance because of incompatibility of the App with your hardware or software.