Unleashing Screensaver: April 9th

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Visual art and art education is one of many study fields at Department of Art Education at Masaryk University in Brno. During their studies students go through many subjects such as painting studio, graphic art studio, graphic design, aesthetic and art history education. Me, as a teacher of ‘Graphic Art Atudio’, decided to join my students in the project Unleashing screensaver. The main reason to do it was to develop students’ imagination and critical thinking. I considered it as an important part of their studies to share their ideas in international context. Andrea Uváčiková.


The first group of graphic art students used a collaborative approach to creation and they decided to create joint piece. The group deliberately did not want to create a thematic image, contrariwise, they gave space to their own individualism. Each of the participants projected their own visions into the image. Preserving the diversity of individuals is in opposition to a collective approach to creation. The predetermined intentional anti-theme is gradually forming into theme through the mutual graphical interaction of individual members. The final work concerns the question of image authorship, the determination of their own borders and the importance of the individual in the context of the group.






Part of Unleashing Screensaver & Unleashing exhibitions
Apr 1 – May 31, 2018
concept & coordination: (c) merry
supported by PAF & Teachers College, Columbia University




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