Unleashing Screensaver: May 14th

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Interactive Media Studio, Faculty of Art and Design, J.E. Purkyne University  in Ústi nad Labem, Czech Republic – head: doc. MgA Pavel Kopriva PhD; assistant: MgA Jan Prosek PhD

Studio Interactive media works as a part of Art Faculty in Ústí nad Labem since 2007. It is educational place for students interested in Next media art.The program of the studio fulfills the concept of digital media, where the main creative lines are: computer technology, electronic applications, internet structures. The program teaches students the relationships between man, machine and environment in order to create innovative applications and design of cultural and social interfaces.

Artistic creation in this space includes Interactive art, Net art, Device art, Robotic art, Sound art,  installations and possible hybrid mutations on the borders of art and technology. In addition to these concepts Time and Space plays a significant role. Most of student are interested in Video Art. The studio works as a place, where research is being conducted towards new forms of artistic expression that take advantage of contemporary art as much as they use information from technical disciplines and media culture.



Part of Unleashing Screensaver & Unleashing exhibitions
Apr 1 – May 31, 2018
concept & coordination: (c) merry
supported by PAF & Teachers College, Columbia University



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