Unleashing Screensaver: May 30th

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Církevní gymnázium Německého řádu Olomouc (The Comprehensive School of the Teutonic Order) is highschool in Olomouc, where lessons of Art Education and Czech Language are taught by dedicated pedagogue Lucie Pokorná. The art education however is part of a higher grade curriculum in the first year only. In case of deeper interest, students are encouraged to choose a voluntary Art seminar in the final year of their studies. This seminar is primarily conceived as a preparation for final school-leaving exam and focuses mainly on history of music and art. However, it also offers an opportunity for creative work by realizing seminar projects.

Barbora and David, the authors of two works presented in ScreenSaverGallery today, come from this very Art seminar. They took advantage of the opportunity to participate and grasp the topics they have been working on in their free time in a new way.


Barbora Malovaná: Monstre Charmant

I’m Barbora and I attend a catholic grammar school, whose aesthetic education goes far beyond school lessons. Because of my teachers’ dedication to this field I came across the most interesting art exhibitions and performances I have ever seen. I was also given a lot of opportunities to take part in multiple happenings. The lessons are far more intriguing than the ones I was given in previous institutions and opened my cultural view. The idea of “monstre charmant” was always something I was very intrigued with. When I borrowed a cow’s skull few months ago it was a mere object which I studied in an attempt to learn to draw various curves and textures. Inspired by its shape I started portraying a black figure with a human body and a cow’s skull instead of a head more and more frequently. The video loop I submitted is shot in an old stable near my house. The “monstre charmant” comes and stays just for a brief second – it’s an intruder, not a visitor. It leaves quickly but leaves a strong impact. Its goal isn’t to be seen – all it wants is you to remember it.


David Spáčil: 20 shades of solitude

My name is David and I attend a catholic grammar school in Olomouc. Our art lessons are somewhat extraordinary, especially because of a very individual and humane attitude of our teachers. It feels more like a hobby than just a school. Each student’s opinion matters and students have opportunity to develop their skills alongside the education itself. For example me: I am an amateur photographer and I was given this opportunity by my teachers as a way to improve my photography skills. So I thought it through, found my motif and added a little bit of computer graphics, creating 20 shades of solitude. It was a good experience for me.
Everyone is alone sometimes and we all know how it feels. But loneliness is not always the same. Every person feels different when alone. It changes and evolves the more lonely we are. Sometimes the solitude feels good, it is welcome, it is colorful and bright. We have all the time in the world when we are left alone. With all the time and space, we can focus and create; we can do what makes us happy. But every last one of us knows, the pleasure of being alone will not last forever. The longing for company catches us eventually and if we have nobody to come to, doubts start to creep in. Where is everyone? Why am I alone? Did I chase away everybody? Maybe nobody even knows I exist… That is what 20 shades of solitude is about. (See the work here.)


Part of Unleashing Screensaver & Unleashing exhibitions
Apr 1 – May 31, 2018
concept & coordination: (c) merry
supported by PAF & Teachers College, Columbia University and City of Brno

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