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Sakrowski /webwork as web.pilgrimage/

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&: We are happy to present your latest artwork Web Work in ScreenSaverGallery. Would you mind introducing it a little bit? S: My name is Sakrowski and I’m interested in web phenomena since long time and in 2007 I started ikonoskop a youtube channel where I have tried to understand social media from inside – […]

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LIST OF PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: &, !MEDIENGRUPPE BITNIK & Low Jack 5D kolektiv (Nikol Štrobachová, Markéta Slaná, Kryštof Novák, Marketa Kilhof) Darina Alster Altai (Qiao Lin, Paul Heinicker, Daria Stupina, Lukáš Likavčan) Araújo Sandra Aram Bartholl Jana Bernartová Fair Brane Dávid Brna Andreas Bunte Osvaldo Cibils Mitchell Craft Sandrine Deumier DISNOVATION.ORG Concha García Lenka Glisníková & […]


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– CLOSED – (Výzva v českém jazyce je níž) The international exhibition project in ScreenSaverGallery accepts digital artwork designed for inhuman or non-human entities. Send your work (maximum 2GB provided by link) to info♘metazoa.org. The deadline is midnight 30th November 2018. The exhibition Inhuman Art takes place from 6th December 2018 to 28th February 2019 in […]

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Martin Toldy /The Hero of Cyberanarchism/

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  Martin Toldy is currently Master’s student at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is one of the founders of Marina Abramovič Po Sebe Neupratuje, the remarkable collaborative performance group actively working with direct social context since 2015. Their works are easily recognizable by specific white costumes they use for their […]

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Unleashing Screensaver hall of fame

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Unleashing Screensaver was a participatory collaborative project which looked at the notion of aesthetic education and its diversity across fields and cultures. The project was inspired by and dedicated to the legacy of Maxine Greene, and initiated by the Teachers College, Columbia University New York, for Unleashing exhibition. Over 45 educators and their students from various educational institutions, disciplines and […]


Unleashing Screensaver: May 30th

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Církevní gymnázium Německého řádu Olomouc (The Comprehensive School of the Teutonic Order) is highschool in Olomouc, where lessons of Art Education and Czech Language are taught by dedicated pedagogue Lucie Pokorná. The art education however is part of a higher grade curriculum in the first year only. In case of deeper interest, students are encouraged to choose a voluntary […]

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Unleashing Screensaver: May 29th

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The simple work showed by this class of 3d modeling taught by Michela De Carlo at Carrara Academy of Fine Art, made up mainly by Chinese students, is an attempt to explain how teaching art can help communication. Composing small pieces of information, recomposing them, mixing them, modeling simple shapes you can try go beyond the language […]

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Unleashing Screensaver: May 28th

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Václav Janoščík is important Czech theorist and curator who focuses on contemporary theory and philosophy of art and lectures at leading Czech academies and universities (e.g. Academy of Fine Arts,  Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Film and Television School of Academy of Performing Arts, Philosophical Faculty of Charles University; all in Prague). The contribution for Unleashing Screensaver exhibition […]

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Unleashing Screensaver: May 27th

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The studio of performance at FAVU VUT (Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Technology, Brno) is focused on the essence of the creative act. It penetrates all forms of contemporary art expression. Actual performance is manifested through any media. From individual acts of self awareness, through body and new technologies, to social interactions […]

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