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Zdenek Svejkovský (b. 1989) has graduated from Atelier of Interactive media at Department of Electronic Image, Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, where he currently pursuits his doctor’s degree. Both his bachelor and diploma work were focused on net art.

Svejkovský has been always fascinated by the digital realm of the Internet. Also his The Palette of Colours – digital artwork from 2015 – was originally designed for the environment of the video-sharing platform YouTube, where the geometric colour fields are complemented by the specific user interface and disturbed by its animated graphical element – YouTube loading circle.

The Palette of Colours consists of a series of 171 monochromatic videos ranging in colour from black, through white, red, shades of yellow, green and blue to violet, pink and brown. Such minimalistic nature enable us to recontextualize the work through simple remediation, and further develop the dialog between new and “old” media through universal principle of colour spectrum, which has been used in virtually all kinds of art. The poetics of Svejkovský’s work somehow refers to the meditative nature of Colour Field Paintings of abstract expressionism and invokes contemplation.

In 2017, The Palette of Colours was show in the IRL site-specific Gallery Monitor – an old school CRT screen situated in the historic baroque building –, which orients mostly on presenting video art. The curatorial work with the space surrounding the screen even then emphasized the sacral qualities of the work as well as its meditative dimension.

This is true also with the presentation of the work in the gallery in screen savers which takes The Palette of Colours out of the specific perception context of the web platform YouTube to highlight more universal and meditative facet of the work – only this time it happens within your private space.

Your computer as an altar of colours.


Curated by Mary Meixner

The Pallete of Colours in Gallery Monitor, Olomouc, Czech Republic
The Pallete of Colours in ScreenSaverGallery
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